The brand-new Taipei Lotty Hotel will bring you a very pleasant experience with the top-classic decoration, reasonable price, and considerate service. In this uproarious Taipei city, Lotty Hotel provides you with a peaceful land to forget about the hustles and worries, and enables you to indulge in confidant merriness. The sincerity and geniality of our employees will make you at home.
Taipei Lotty Hotel is adjacent to Xinsheng N Road and Nong¡Šan Street. One can reach the hotel if from Sec 3 of Xinsheng N Road by crossing Nong¡Šan Street, and walking 30 meters straight, which only takes ten minutes on foot.
TEL¡G886-2-25943901 ¡DFAX¡G886-2-2595-9276
No.14, Lane 56, Sec 3, Taipei Xinsheng N Rd